Revisit taking much-needed time for yourself, stepping into a yoga space for stress relief and personal attention, where you’ll be guided through postures that leave you feeling grounded and relaxed.


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Welcome to the NoW Yoga Center

Located meters from Nice Port, NoW is a vibrant community of Yoga students, athletes, teachers and ‘passionnées’ dedicated to improving health and strength.

Renovated and restored to its former glory in 2023, the NoW space gives a beautiful insight into traditional Niçoise architecture, South of France living and an access to the stunning Port of Nice harbour.


Hi I'm Nick

Living in and loving Nice Port for over 10 years 💙 Each day surprised and grateful for it’s energy, colours, extraordinary sunrises and sublime sunsets.


Each Wednesday and Saturday join Nick at the NoW center located only meters from Nice Port with easy access by Tram, Bike, Car or Boat.

Or, invite Nick to your home, AirBnB, boat or hotel for a private class.


Leave your day behind, walk into the calming embrace of breathing and focus, where expert instruction leads you through yoga postures, feeling more grounded and solid in your body and mind.


Prefer to chat first? Contact Nick on or read more below on how I teach, what I teach and why I teach.

Share breathing

Give someone close to you the gift of time for themselves, stress release and breathing for improved confidence, patience and strength.

I teach small classes, generally no more than 8 students at a time to create a personal class and keep that nice feeling of getting to know each person.
I live year-round in Nice and also have activities in Cycling, Bikefitting, Coaching and Asthma therapies.

Breathing and alignment – developing pain-relief for backs, knees, feet and strengthening trunk, glutes and chest through a series of postures and phases thoughtfully designed over the course of many years.
On a scale of difficulty the classes are accessible to everybody, and I modify the intensiry per student based on their level, whether beginner or advanced!

After your class, whether it be a Wednesday or Saturday morning or afternoon, you have easy access to transport, cafés, restaurants, Coco beach and the Mont Boron National Park to enjoy our little piece of paradise even more.

I started practising Yoga myself to help improve pain-relief and improve breathing in Paris 20 years ago.
This adventure created a desire to teach, and then to share my easy-going yet precise approach to posture and movement for everyone from beginners to professional athletes.

I’m a bit of a foodie and appreciate an authentic  flat white 🇦🇺. I am also a cyclist, trail-runner, xc skier and outdoorsy type.
Nice gives access to all of these and more, which makes a perfect compliment to a breathing, strength and alignment-based Yoga practise.

Discover the power of yoga to alleviate stress, improve posture, and create a sense of grounded solidity as you move through each guided session with ease and grace.